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100 legitimate work from home jobs

100 legitimate work from home jobs

In this post I am going to share 100 legitimate work from home jobs in which you can create more legitimate work from home jobs income online.

I have also tried to list all types of methods for every personality and skills required for all of them, am confident that you will be able to find a few that will be of help to you.

It is of great importance to note that some of these 100 legitimate work from home jobs listed below require more work than the others which can be fetching you around $20 to $30 hourly.don't forget to have fun doing them.

I sincerely wish that you get a lot out of this post, take action and start making money online.

1. Forums posting and Forum moderator
This is by far the easiest legitimate work from home jobs, if you are good at talking, then forum posting will be good for you.It simple involves you visiting some forums initiating news
threads/topics, responding to existing ones, and keeping the conversation going, engaging in thought-provoking conversations and teaching people new things.

Steps on how to become a forum poster and moderator-surf for the list of freelancing sites, example are,,, , also check here for more etc 
-Apply for forum posting jobs on the job sites
-When contacted for an interview by a buyer, respond
-Agree on the pay per post, deadline, then get the job done within acceptable deadline.

For each forum post you create, the final costs vary anyplace from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you've got time to devote to the present throughout the day and are able to build between two hundred to a thousand posts (depending on what proportion your job is worth), then you'll be able to
earn $100 daily. You'll be able to conjointly, of course, do no matter you'd like per day so combine and match with another suggestion from our lists.

For a forum moderator, you can make about $3 to $20 an hour depending on your experience.


If you are good at writing, you can earn money by writing articles for people for there websites.
There are lots of website owners that need articles for here websites and do not have time to create contents for thee websites, this is where you come into play.
-Just Google writing job opening 
-post your profile on notable freelancing sites,,,,, etc
-Visit notable websites ,let them know how much you like their sites and would love to write for them.

Article writing can pay anywhere between 0.03 to 0.10 or more per word base on your article writing experience and expertise.

3.Become  a Blogger
If there is something you are passionate about, you can create a blogger and share information on there.
As your audience start growing, your passionate blog can be monetised with and profitable advertising network.
-Choose a niche or a favourite /searchable topic that you are passionate about.
- choose a platform to blog with, (hosted by Google) or (self-host),I recommend you use reliable so far at $1.99 a month).
-Once your blog is set and running, go ahead post news, lessons, stories or anything relevant to your blog.
-An important point to note is your topics must be keyword rich to attract the right audience. This can be achieved by going through Google free keyword research tool.
-Add content as frequently as possible
- Monetise your blog within the sponsored post (for self-host blogs), advertising networks' like Google AdSense etc.

4.Become a Guest Writer
Most webmasters sometimes need experts on some specific field of human endeavour; this is where you may come in.
-Make such you have an excellent knowledge of that field or topic 
-You can write to website owners let them know what your expertise is if they would be interested in what you have to offer.
You can start here and here
-You can make anywhere between $25 to $200 whenever you write.

Podcasting which is similar to blogging, only this time is through voice, speak through an audio recording device OR Google on the free online recording device, for example, Audacity, etc
-Convert your recording to mp3

-upload it to any podcast audio sharing site like SoundCloud etc. along with a description.


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