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how to make money on the internet

How to make money on the internet

We are going to be listing various avenues on how to make money on the internet.if you have not  made any money on the internet ,or you are probably looking for more ways on how to make money on the internet this post will be your map on the internet on how to make money on the internet.

how to make money on the internet
This is by far he most lucrative way of making money on the internet,but you must know what you are doing,we have sen people making over $4000 daily,but the secrete is subscribing  with a reputable or reliable signal providing firm. They provide you with signals and you trade with them and make your profit,the signals includes when to buy/sell.
They have 70 to 95% accuracy rate .
you can check out any of the well sorted out sites,subscribe with one or two of them for better results.
You do not need to start monitoring the market,or cracking your brain how how to use he fundamental analysis or using any of the Forex / binary trading instruments,just subscribe for your call,put, alert place your trade collect your profit when the trade is over,keep smiling to the bank.

  1. myfxbook Forex signals with unbeatable performance.
  2. Invest in cryptocurency:cytogirl with cryptoprophesy
  3. Candlestick trading bible(an eBook)
  4. Forex enigma :Revolutionar Forex indicator with Buy Sell signal with Amazing profit
  5. Fibo Quantum
2.Join five minute profit sites

3.  Join paid social media jobs,
where you are paid to carry out a few task on the internet and get paid for it or receive gift items from the companies  here

4. Drop-shipping
subscribe with hem(paid),they will give you a list of dropshiping directory for you to start your online store in no time,  This is by far the most lucrative method on how to make money on the internet.
click here


You submit photos and get paid, Make an extra o full time living from photography. Upload and instantly sell to millions of potential buyers and get paid straight into you PayPal account.

You can earn an average of $2-$5,$25 per photo, set your own working schedule, No experience is needed to join.

Get paid to write articles, blog posts, eBooks and many more, you choose from thousands of jobs daily from different subjects, you are provided with higher paying writing jobs.
You are linked with high paying corporations. You can write from anywhere in the world.


Get paid to complete simple surveys, this is not like some surveys found online, they include serious organization looking for honest 
opinion from people while paying them for giving such opinion .
You can redeem exciting rewards and gadgets from apple, Samsung and lots more.

You get paid straight to your PayPal account.
-Get paid up to $5 fo a 10 -15 minutes surveys
-Get paid up to $30 per hour on focus group and panels
-Get paid up to $15-$30 for 30-45 minutes surveys
-Get paid up to $50 for some premium surveys.
-No working experience is required.


How it works:

-Choose an APP to test from the various app review database and test it on your phone or tablet.
-Write your honest review of the ap on you Appcoiner app review website

-Get paid over and over as you continue to test on several apps on the appcoiner database

Just visit the site watch the video to learn more ,it goes for $37 but very helpful and full detail guide on how to make money on the internet

From this how to make money on the internet program, you will be exposed on how you can consistently make over $5000 week after week...

In conclusion we are trying not to make this post long,just choose any one of your from the various exposed ways on how to make money on the internet ans start making passive income for yourself and family.


100 legitimate work from home jobs

100 legitimate work from home jobs

In this post I am going to share 100 legitimate work from home jobs in which you can create more legitimate work from home jobs income online.

I have also tried to list all types of methods for every personality and skills required for all of them, am confident that you will be able to find a few that will be of help to you.

It is of great importance to note that some of these 100 legitimate work from home jobs listed below require more work than the others which can be fetching you around $20 to $30 hourly.don't forget to have fun doing them.

I sincerely wish that you get a lot out of this post, take action and start making money online.

1. Forums posting and Forum moderator
This is by far the easiest legitimate work from home jobs, if you are good at talking, then forum posting will be good for you.It simple involves you visiting some forums initiating news
threads/topics, responding to existing ones, and keeping the conversation going, engaging in thought-provoking conversations and teaching people new things.

Steps on how to become a forum poster and moderator-surf for the list of freelancing sites, example are,,, , also check here for more etc 
-Apply for forum posting jobs on the job sites
-When contacted for an interview by a buyer, respond
-Agree on the pay per post, deadline, then get the job done within acceptable deadline.

For each forum post you create, the final costs vary anyplace from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you've got time to devote to the present throughout the day and are able to build between two hundred to a thousand posts (depending on what proportion your job is worth), then you'll be able to
earn $100 daily. You'll be able to conjointly, of course, do no matter you'd like per day so combine and match with another suggestion from our lists.

For a forum moderator, you can make about $3 to $20 an hour depending on your experience.


If you are good at writing, you can earn money by writing articles for people for there websites.
There are lots of website owners that need articles for here websites and do not have time to create contents for thee websites, this is where you come into play.
-Just Google writing job opening 
-post your profile on notable freelancing sites,,,,, etc
-Visit notable websites ,let them know how much you like their sites and would love to write for them.

Article writing can pay anywhere between 0.03 to 0.10 or more per word base on your article writing experience and expertise.

3.Become  a Blogger
If there is something you are passionate about, you can create a blogger and share information on there.
As your audience start growing, your passionate blog can be monetised with and profitable advertising network.
-Choose a niche or a favourite /searchable topic that you are passionate about.
- choose a platform to blog with, (hosted by Google) or (self-host),I recommend you use reliable so far at $1.99 a month).
-Once your blog is set and running, go ahead post news, lessons, stories or anything relevant to your blog.
-An important point to note is your topics must be keyword rich to attract the right audience. This can be achieved by going through Google free keyword research tool.
-Add content as frequently as possible
- Monetise your blog within the sponsored post (for self-host blogs), advertising networks' like Google AdSense etc.

4.Become a Guest Writer
Most webmasters sometimes need experts on some specific field of human endeavour; this is where you may come in.
-Make such you have an excellent knowledge of that field or topic 
-You can write to website owners let them know what your expertise is if they would be interested in what you have to offer.
You can start here and here
-You can make anywhere between $25 to $200 whenever you write.

Podcasting which is similar to blogging, only this time is through voice, speak through an audio recording device OR Google on the free online recording device, for example, Audacity, etc
-Convert your recording to mp3

-upload it to any podcast audio sharing site like SoundCloud etc. along with a description.


How Can i Develop Positive Thinking | Power Of Execution

how can i develop positive thinking

Are you looking for answers to the following ...

  • how can i develop positive thinking?
  • how can you use positive thinking to be successful?
  • how to make things happen with positive thinking?

Discover Effective Strategies On How To Executing  your Goals And Realize All Your Dreams.
I'll Personally Show You Simple Ways To Build a Strategy For Achieving Your Goals And Putting It To Action.
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You will learn:
  • The secret that help highly successful people smash their goals
  • Why willpower is not enough and why you will need to work smarter, instead of harder.
  • How to work productively non-stop and not feel tired or demotivated by using the momentum of good feeling.
  • Why goals like’’ lose weight’’ and ‘’earn money’’ NEVER works
  • How to finally kill the fear of failure so that you can live as a winner

You Will:
  • Overcome the fear of failure to become someone worth noticing.
  • Have the vision of an empire mogul so that you can achieve  your dreams faster than anyone else.
  • Learn two systems that will help you grow in both your career and personal life.

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How to bounce back | resilience book

       How to bounce back | resilience book

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"Finally! Discover How You Can Turn Failures And Mistakes Into Stepping Stones For Success!"

Uncover The Truth About Failure and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of it. Learn How You Can Use it as a Powerful Weapon To Finally Achieve Success in Life!

How to bounce back | resilience book

Failure is not something we can avoid in life. Everyone will fail at one point or another.
But, failure is not something to be afraid of  either. In fact, it should be embraced if you ever want to find any kind of success in life.
So the big Question is this :

     Why Are You Still Unsuccessful?

  • Is failure something you have an issue with?
  • Is Failure holding you back from achieving anything?
  • Do you fear criticism an d rejection?
  • Do you find it hard to believe you’ll ever amount to anything in life?
  • Are you lacking the motivation to pursue your dreams?
  • Are you scared of taking risk and leaving your comfort zone?
  • Do you easily give in to temptation and distractions?
  • Are you still obsessing over your past failures?
  • Do you keep on comparing yourself with more successful people?

      Successful People Failed

Even the most successful people in the world are not exempt from failure.

In fact, they have probably failed more times than the average persons! Most of them have failed spectacularly and fallen flat on their faces.

But it didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. They learned from their mistakes and adjusted their strategies as they slowly carved their path to success.

We only see successful people in their successful form .We didn’t see their tears, the hardship, the countless sleepless nights they spent building their fortunes. We didn’t see how they reacted when failure hit them full force and knocked them to their knees.

The truth is, successful people are just like you and me. They overcame their failures and mistakes, they learned from their experience, and eventually came out stronger and more confident.

Do you want to be like them? Do you want to be successful someday?

How Do You Bounce Back From                                Failure?

No matter how many time you fail, it will always sting. But don’t let that affect you forever. If you do, then you’ll forever be known as a failure.

Prove to everyone they’re wrong about you being a failure. Show the world you have what it takes to bounce back from failure and achieved your dreams!


    Bounce Back

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How To Turn Failures and Mistakes Into                      Stepping Stones for Success

Here is what you will discover inside this guide:
  • Learn how to embrace failure and learn from your mistakes
  • Discover what the growth mindset is
  • How to handle criticisms and rejections
  • Learn the importance of self-confidence, self-control, and self-belief
  • How to get out of your comfort zone if you want achieve anything
  • How to identity new opportunities and new ways to arrive t your ultimate goal
  • You will discover why its important to make peace with failure.
  • Uncover why giving up too soon is not a good idea.
  • You’ll know the difference between average and successful people

Yоu’ll learn аnd bеnеfіt so muсh bу gоіng thrоugh thіѕ course. 
Here аrе ѕоmе оf the powerful benefits уоu’ll gain by lеаrnіng how tо bounce bасk frоm уоur mistakes: 
  •     You’ll bе аblе tо move fоrwаrd аnd аррlу whаt you’ve learned frоm уоur mistakes. 
  •     Yоu’ll lеаrn thе іmроrtаnсе оf trуіng аgаіn and nеvеr giving uр hope. 
  •     You’ll gеt rіd of уоur оld, nеgаtіvе habits аnd acquire nеw, роѕіtіvе оnеѕ. 
  •     Yоu’ll bе mоrе wіllіng tо tаkе rіѕkѕ аnd еxрlоrе nеw орроrtunіtіеѕ. 
  •     Yоu’ll bесоmе a more соnfіdеnt аnd stronger individual. 
  •     You’ll lеаrn hоw tо ѕеt realistic gоаlѕ аnd tаkе асtіоn. 
  •     Yоu’ll realize that еvеrу failure уоu mаkе brings you closer tо your ultіmаtе success. 
  •     Yоu’ll develop self-belief, ѕеlf-соntrоl, аnd self-discipline – all thrее wіll соntrіbutе grеаtlу tо уоur future ѕuссеѕѕ! 

+ muсh, much more! 

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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House | Michael wolf

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House | Michael wolf



If you are yet to read Michael wolf FIRE AND FURY: Inside The Trump White House, A dip revelation or behind the scenes on what transpires at the white house under President Donald Trump.
This Book Michael wolf FIRE AND FURY: Inside The Trump White House is a must have book for both trump haters and lovers, and might form the bases for the president being returned or voted out in the next election.

If you are a TRUMP LOVER you must get this Book for a proper defense on President Donald Trump


First administration. But you are a TRUMP HATER This book’ FIRE AND FURY: Inside The Trump White House’ is a damaging weapon for destroying the president, No wonder the President tired blocking the  release of this book.
This Book gave an explosive account on President Donald Trump administration and some secrets that the world is yet to know about the commander in chief, Some of the explosive secrets includes
  • - What President Donald Trump’s staff really thinks of him
  • -   Russia’s interference in the US election: Why FBI      director James Comey was really fired
  • -  Why Trump thought  he was wire-tapped  by Obama
  • -  Why Trump’s Jewish son in-law Kushner can’t be in the      same room with Steve Bannon (Former chief strategist      to     President Donald Trump)
  • - Who is really directing the Trump administration
  • -  What President Donald Trump administration has in common with the MOVIE ; THE PRODUCER

According to the reviewer of Book Michael wolf, FIRE AND FURY: Inside The Trump White House ‘Never before in the history has a president so divided the American people. Brilliantly reported and astoundingly fresh, FIRE AND FURY shows us how and why Donald Trump has become the King of discord and disunion.

But I doubt if  President Donald Trump is kind of discord and disunion.


10 legitimate work from home jobs

10 legitimate work from home jobs

10 legitimate work from home jobs ,here we did our best to find legitimate work from home jobs,they are so amazing that we bet you may not have heard  about them.if you are looking for real legitimate work from home jobs or maybe you want a a list of legitimate work from home jobs,,here are the list of 10 legitimate work from home jobs.

 Here are the 10 legitimate work from home jobs

1) $991 in 14 hours shopify Drop-shipping 

                                                      10 legitimate work from home jobs

2) How To Earn $20,000/MONTH (EASIEST BEGINNER'S SYSTEM 2018)

10 legitimate work from home jobs

3) How To Make $1000+ Per Day with Affiliate Marketing 

10 legitimate work from home jobs

4) 3 Things You Should Be Selling Online To Create Recurring Income Online

10 legitimate work from home jobs


10 legitimate work from home jobs

6) EASY WAY TO MAKE $200 A DAY WITH FACEBOOK ADS(Beginners Friendly)

10 legitimate work from home jobs

7)MAKE $12-$16 PER HOUR BROWSING 2018        BEYOND [EASY]

10 legitimate work from home jobs


10 legitimate work from home jobs

9) CPA Marketing- How To Make $70k in 7 Days With Mobile PA  Offers.

10 legitimate work from home jobs


10 legitimate work from home jobs

WOW!!! I have just finished this long research and watching the videos.i want from you is to go through each of them ,and do not forget to share .


work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018

work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 

These  are list of  best work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 that we have found so far ,so if you are looking for work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 we have got you covered with the following work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 and beyond .

1. $5,000 IN 7 DAYS WITH 1 HOUR'S WORK A CASE STUDY OF work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 
2.Another work from home jobs legitimate online jobs 2018 is on 


Hope you find our work helpful?


2 Wounded In Shooting At LA Middle School, Suspect In Custody

2 Wounded In Shооtіng At LA Mіddlе Sсhооl, Suѕресt In Custody 


Charlie Puth (feat. Boyz II Men) - If You Leave Me Now (Studio Session)

Charlie Puth (feat Boyz 11 Men)- If  You Leave Me Now


Melania Trump Gives Her Own State Of The Union

Melania Trump Gives Her own State Of The Union